Taking Benro to Kenya


Days ago, Benro went to Kenya together with CDPA (Chinese Digital Photography Association) to try out Benro’s photography equipments out of doors. Located in the east of Africa and being rich of wildlife resources and tremendous field area, Kenya is regarded as the best place to test the performance of photography accessories.

Group picture of CDPA members and the inhabitants

For this travel, Benro provided for free such equipments as C373TH8 hydraulic tripod kit, C2682TV2 tripod in Travel Angel II series, GH2 gimbal head, LH400 lens bracket, LP-85C lens switching board and Falcon 800 in Falcon backpack series.



Following those features such as water-proof, anti-dust, quick releasing and locking and fast separation which belong to traditional Travel Angel series, C2682TV1 tripod kit in Travel Angel II is updated and optimized in some functions, for example, detaching the main column, plate and leg to combine main column and leg as monopod, main column and wooden handle as alpenstock, which are very convenient when shooting in the open air.


GH2 head is designed for heavy telephoto lens. Supported by heads in GH series, heavy telephoto lens can be rotated easily without unbalance of gravity, more stable than traditional ball head, and achieving smooth adjustment in all directions. The strong handrail supports your gears stably and safely, constant damping knob ensures optimum vertical adjustment and double insurance prevents gears from falling down. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for photographers who are interested in heavy telephoto lens and require stability and balance of the gears.


Present Li of CDPA used the new Falcon 800 backpack in Falcon series to carry his gears. Falcon 800 backpack is designed for telephoto lens of shooting birds. It can load a 800mm/600mm telephoto lens, a professional DSLR, a pro lens bracket, tripod, ipad and some other everyday effects. The backpack is made of fabrics which are waterproof and durable, protecting gears from damage effectively.


Falcon 800 backpack

A1692TB0S tripod kit in Travel Angel II is included in this activity. The tripod is made of magnesium alloy, compact, sturdy and portable. Besides, it can be transformed into monopod and alpenstock in several seconds to be used in different situations.


Shooting with A1692TB0S

The following are pictures shot in Kenya with Benro photography equipments.

Gorilla shot with telephoto lens supported by A1692TB0S



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