Benro and Xinyu Zhang, Hong Liang Will Go on a Volcano Exploration Hand in Hand


Recently, representing Chinese expedition enthusiasts, BENRO, the Chinese leading brand in photography accessories, will act together with Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang, the admirable legendary lovers who are interested in outdoor and polar exploration, to Challenge a world record--- a quite close contact between human and volcano. Under the witness of the professional photographical equipments, this event will attempt series of feats like initiating first volcanic exploration by Chinese, creating an original world record that is to approach magma pool which has a temperature up to 1150 Celsius degrees within 30 meters, completing the first volcanic exploration reality show by Chinese, conducting a super close volcano probe and some other related scientific experiments.


Expedition but not adventure

After some sincere and deep contacts with the Chinese exploration lovers, Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong mentioned several times that their action was an adventure but not taking a risk. They said they would do a lot of preparations every time before departure ,study the related knowledge, train skills and select the most professional equipment to complete the continuous exploration journey. Therefore, coinciding with each other, they choose to such Benro products as the new launched professional photography kit in V series, professional hydraulic head for video in H series and some other professional photographical accessories.


Based on the success of Travel-Angel series, Benro develops an overall new high performance tripod kit which is forged of the aviation aluminum alloy. The surface has treated with new metal anode oxidation process, by which the tripod is coated with more beautiful and delicate appearance. The updated three step tube angle adjustment strengthens the low angle shooting performance. The new innovative leg locking design operates more smoothly and improves the stability of the tripod greatly, and the locking force increases 10% while the locking and loosening are much quicker. Meanwhile, because of the use of new materials, the enlarged padded leg mats improve the grounding area and extend its service life, making the tripod unusual sturdy. What’s more, the tripod kit can be transformed into monopod, alpenstock, and the main column can be inverted to conduct ground shooting. It is an ideal choice for professional photographers and travelers.


The new developed video head in H series makes great improvement and optimization in functional applications and has smooth appearance. On the choice that pledges in materials, the designers pay more attention to lightweight concept and use magnesium alloy which has more high strength and more lightsome quality than aluminum alloy to forge. Hydraulic head in H series is designed for professional photographers and shutterbugs.


The destination of this exploration is Vanuatu's crater. Xinyu Zhang said that it would be an unprecedented challenge. Now they choose to join hands with Benro which is the leading photographical accessories brand in China. They said they would use China’s own brand to arm them and to complete the adventure and create an overall new world record achieved by Chinese. This exploration will be conducted in extreme environment and the expedition team will shoot in the magma pool which has a temperature up to 1150 degrees C. Therefore, professional and reliable equipments become more important for the reason that only high performance equipment can prevent “heroes” from danger and guarantee high quality images.

 With the tenet of “100% professional products guaranteed to professional photographers around the world, Benro has been devoting itself to the R&D of photographical accessories. This time, Benro will show photographers satisfying performance.



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