BENRO high end CPL evaluation


In the 2013P & E show, the domestic leading brands BENRO photographic accessories focus released their latest optical products, which include UV, CPL, ND, NDX four species, And divided into SHD, SD, PD, UD four series, a total of 25 products. If you count the different sizes, nearly 200 types of products released simultaneously. And we also got a SHD CPL-HD ULAC WMC / SLIM filters, for evaluation.






Perhaps you would be surprised, a CPL, Why have so many abbreviations? But in fact every English abbreviation with BENRO filter of a special technology, here we come to introduce to you one by one




BENRO SHD Filter Series is the most high-end products, the use of copper material to enhance the product's durability. And filter frame with a black paint, the main role is to reduce excess material reflective.



CPL is circularly polarized lens, I am sure you will not feel strange; we do not describe the specific use. According to the actual test, the BENRO CPL through rate reached 90%, the overall transmittance CPL lens and the influence of polarizing film is not serious. And CPL lens showed very low reflectivity, the light reflected back to the lens can greatly weakened, filter reflectance of less than 0.5%, effectively reducing the glare from occurring.


 HDHigh Definition





HD is our common abbreviation for high definition, the modern optical filters, polarizer and variable ND all use glued lens, and complex gluing process, the lens and glue have different characteristics. The glue solidified in all directions a huge impact stress on the lens surface accuracy, resulting in deformation of the lens. Because the lens effect, influence through the angle of the light, Impact of light to reach the light-sensitive chip, image quality dropped significantly. The high-definition optical manufacturing process can solve this problem.


传统蓝膜Traditional blue coating

传统绿膜Traditional green coating

百诺ULCA超低色差膜BENRO Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating



BENRO Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating compared with traditional blue/green coating reflection curve

反射率曲线  Reflectivity curve


纳米  nmnanometer


百诺ULCA超低色差膜   BENRO Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating

传统蓝膜Traditional blue coating

传统绿膜Traditional green coating



Spectral color: Purple Blue Cyan Green Yellow Orange Red


BENRO Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration compared with other traditional coating system, Straight uniform reflectance curve, the curve has no obvious bulge, no obvious reflection band is too high, few partial color, very low reflectance.






Using the latest ultra-smooth surface to enhance water and oil proofing process technology, with super-hard anti-scratch properties will not have any influence on imaging quality, even if water or oily be soiled, stained also can remove easily.


On the left side for BENRO ultra-thin CPL, On the right side for another brand CPL



There is no obvious dark corner in the real effect


Slim filters except for appearance more beautiful, also can effectively reduce dark corner occurs when taking pictures, especially at wide angle and ultra-wide-angle lens will be more obvious. The common ordinary CPL thickness is 5.4mm, and BENRO this CPL is on this basis to reduce the thickness of 2.4mm, only 3.0mm thick. This CPL still has certain operational problems, because the frame is too thin, when turning the CPL filters and is easy to unscrew the lens mount, so the thickness and the operation still need some balance.






Review summary:

This test BENRO SHD CPL-HD ULAC WMC / SLIM filters will undoubtedly give us a good trial experience, is easy to see from a real shot pictures, BENRO official propaganda in the actual number of processes have played a pretty good effect. As the benro filter market leading products, benro filter really won the praise of our editors. Despite a 3 mm thickness decreased operating precision, but we also look forward to benro in the continuous improvement of products and technology progress.




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