Benro’s global and polar sailing adventure with Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang


Recently, representing Chinese adventure lovers, Benro who has been devoting itself to the R&D of photography accessories for 18 years engages itself in a global and polar sailing adventure activity hand in hand again with Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang, a couple who have been engaging themselves in exploration. During this adventure, Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang will have a global trip by sailing to visit the world directly.



After some contacts with Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang, we know that the couple is taking an adventure but not taking a risk. Because every time before setting out, they’ll do a lot of preparation , such as studying related knowledge, training various skills and choosing the most reliable and professional equipments which is the most important thing for the reason that only high performance equipment can prevent them from danger and guarantee high quality images. Before this trip, this couple has witnessed the excellent performance of Benro in the exploration of Vanuatu volcano, therefore, they happened to coincident with each other on choosing such Benro’s products as the newly launched pro hydraulic photo/video tripod kit equipped with adjustable central column, V tripod kits in Travel Angel II series, new Cool Walker 450N backpack and the remarkable newly launched UV filters in SHD series without any doubt. To show the most sincere support to the adventure activity, Benro provides all the products for free.

The new pro hydraulic photo/video tripod kit is sturdy and flexible, which features multi positions adjustable function for the applying of mature adjustable center column in video tripod. The feature makes the tripod be flexible at any shooting angle and possess the needed stability when shooting and the conjunction with S4 hydraulic head makes the tripod more satisfying. S4 hydraulic head is Benro’s latest innovative product. Though specially designed for the newly popular DV, it is also compatible with telephoto lens, digital positioning telescope and digital celestial video. For our shutterbugs, the mini video head is the ideal choice.



hydraulic photo &video tripod kit equipped with adjustable central column


S4 hydraulic head

Based on the success of tripods in Travel Angel series, Benro develops another high performance tripod kit lately, which is made of aviatic aluminum alloy casting. The anodized cover makes the appearance more beautiful and charming and the three- position leg angle adjustment make the ground shooting more comfortable and smooth. The legs are much straighter and the new leg locking system is steadier, increasing the tripod’s stability greatly. Not only the release and the locking become quicker but also the locking strength is improved 10%. What’s more, the enlarged padded mats increase the touching area and make the tripod more stable and the new material prolongs theirs service lives. Tripods in this series have such excellent features such as the reconstructed monopod by leg and central column, alpenstock by leg and grip and reversible column. It is an ideal choice for professional users and photographers who are always on the go.

       V tripod kit C2282TV2 in Benro’s Travel Angel II series

CoolWalker450N bag is designed for professional photographers with simple appearance, all opening design for quick equipments drawing, ergonomic and ventilate carrying system. The added removable belts make the carrying more easily and the applying of high performance water proof fabrics, YKK zipper and release buckles make the bag protect your valuable gears effectively. All the innovative designs make Cool Walker 450N be the ideal choice of professional photographers.


       CoolWalker450N bag in Benro’s Cool Walker series

SHD series filters represent Benro’s most excellent optical technology. SHD UV filters protect front lens element from damage. The high performance UVC optical glass absorbs ultra violet and eliminates haze effectively, increasing images’ quality. What’s more, the original innovative 16 layers ULCA coatings increase light transmittance and decrease flare by lens, making the images much clearer and sharper. And the water and oil repellent, fingerprint & scratch resistant WMC coating enhances the durability. The design of glass edge coated black reduces reflection and the rugged black bass ring improves the stability.

       Benro SHD UV ULCA WMC filters

This global adventure will be achieved by sailing and will be an unprecedented challenge for the extraordinary long time. Now the couple chooses to cooperate with Benro for its professional status in photography accessories industry. They said they would use China’s own brand to complete the global adventure and create an overall new world record achieved by Chinese.

During the global adventure journey by sailing, the explorers will shoot at various extreme environments, challenge new world record and complete shooting for new adventure reality show documentary. Therefore, professional equipments are essentially needed. As the reliable sponsor of the global adventure, Benro will grasp the chance to show the products’ lightweight body, high strength and easy operation, ensuring the well going of the adventure and giving photographers satisfying performance.


       The couple’s starting global sailing adventure journey with the full support of Benro’s high-end equipments

Group photo of Benro’s worker(the central one) and the couple ---Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang



Group photo of Benro’s worker(the central one) and the couple ---Xinyu Zhang and Hong Liang

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