Benro Tripod Kits C-068M8+B-1



Normally, Photographers think only the heavy tripod of GITZO or MANFROTTO is valued to choose, because of its top quality and craft. But these famous tripod always labeled with high price, and great weight, not easy to carry. Imaging: when you take with your heavy photo equipment, and then plus one more over 5 kgs tripod……. The wanted tripod for most photographers should be stable, solid and light. Now Benro C-068M8+B-1 tripod and ballhead is just what I want. I brought this tripod with me to south of China, and it successfully finished its duty.

Benro C-068m8 during shooting 

    This travel to South China, I was equipped with 120, 135 SLR, and relative accessories, total weight is over 15 kgs. I feel I am very lucky that I have a compatable and light tripod (Benro C-068m8) which can be reverse 180 degree, and the total folded length is only 336mm,really easy to carry and can go with me on board to the plane.

Benro C-068m8 during shooting 

    During actural daily use, I really benefit from its portability and stability.  Pentax 67 is a heavy 120 camera, normally put on heavy tripod, but such a small tripod can load such a big giant? At the beginning, I really doubted, but in fact, this tripod really can afford such a giant under normal condition.  It adopted the best carbon fiber tube in the world,  the hardness is surpassed the world level, four sections leg design allow excellent stability of the whole tripod. The extended length (with center column ) is 1346 mm, enough for me, really united the portability and practicability. Moreover, the leg locking mechanism allows fast and smooth open and close the tripod, turn the lock 90 degree you can loose or tight the leg tube, even faster than quick lock tripod.

    During shooting, normally I never extend the center column because the vibration of the giant PENTAX 67. and I always put some weight to the tripod hook to get most stable condition. I also suprised with the B-1 ballhead , small but strong, strong enough to lock the camera on it firmly.  It is really a perfect combination, my group people also give very high comments to my tripod and very interested in Benro.


Benro C-068m8 during shooting 

    Through this trip, my doubts to the tripod’s portability and stability disappeared. Benro C-069M8 + B-1 offers great convenient to my trip and shooting, and saved a lot strength for me too. In reality, the light changes every moments, a nice tripod means that you can get a photo which may missed by others. Really charming tripod, it can be called as the best of the tripod. Travel angel , it works as its name.

    Finally, some suggestions: if the center column can be reverse then , it should be perfect. I believe it is not a difficulty for Benro R&D team.  And thanks to Benro Company , your excellent designed products are the gospel of all photographers.


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