Benro Ranger 200 Backbacks is travelling with you



     Flower shootings are very complicated with lots of gears being prepared, such as black board, white board and reflectors etc. As to me, whether a Cloth Box should be prepared if I like shooting for several films? Of course not, everything can be solved with Benro newly launched Ranger 200 backpacks. 



       Benro Ranger 200 matches with streamlined design on the basis of tradition on appearance, which makes the full bag steady and professional. It is neither as fancy as the normal backpacks nor as stubborn as the traditional camera bags.



       The backpack looks light and compact from the side. The quick access function at one side and external pocket at another side make the bag complete and unified on design.



       We can see designer’s great originality from the back of the bag. The features of camera bags and professional outdoor backpacks are combined to fully consider the carrying power for outdoor photographers. The back triangle net design makes is Benro’s unique ventilation system, which makes photographing easier and pleased. Except considering the comfort, we make reinforcing treatment on the straps, which makes the bag safer.



       Let’s further review the design of top and bottom. The handle on top is thick and durable to make you ease the weight; a thickened damp-proof and wear-resisting pad at the bottom makes the bag to be used at different environment and terrains to decrease the friction between the bottom and ground whereby improve its durability.



       The quick access opening makes photographers access cameras for quick shooting on the go.




       The zipper of the quick access opening spares a hole for padlock to make gears safer.



       The out details of camera bags:

1.Strap angle adjustment

2.Dedicated material: the leader of zipper industry-YKK


3.A pocket is designed for tripod carrying


       The tripod can be taken for easy travelling matching with bandage of camera bags.


The actual carrying effect of Ranger 200 and the frontal carrying system. 






       Let’s see the loading capacity by opening the main bag. A big camera bags must be required for two cameras, 4 lenses, one iPad, one Reflector and part of accessories, but now the size of Ranger 200 is about 2/3 of the original backpacks.


       Inner details:

1.Special space for iPad

2.Pocket for purse and mobile & detachable key hanging ring

3.Pocket for filters

4.Quick access opening spares a space for SD cards.


5.Lens pillow is designed for long focus lens in the liner of camera bag. It can be hided by the combined separators.


       Result: Benro Ranger 200 backpack reaches to outstanding balance for both appearance design and function satisfaction, which is a decent, professional and high end backpack. The space use of the camera bag is very considerate and intimate to photographers to adapt the requirement from photographers. Its loading capacity is commendable for 2-3 days travelling and favorable for long trip matching with trolley case.

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