The 7th Network and the 4th College Students

BENRO CUP Photo Contest Completely Ended




The 7th Network and the 4th College Students BENRO CUP Photo Contest, sponsored by BENRO (BENRO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD), has attracted both professional and amateur photographers and college students’ active participation and received lots of submissions since the announcement. It got high attention from medium of photographic industry and BENRO’s years insisting on holding BENRO CUP photo contest shows great promotion and influence to the photographic culture.

The BENRO CUP Photo Contest provides a platform which is highly efficient to facilitate photographic culture exchanges between professional photographers and amateur photographers, even college students ever since the 1st BENRO CUP was held in 2004. The 7th network and the 4th college students BENRO CUP Photo Contest was announced last November, open to anyone who’d love to participate in. More than 40,000 submissions to the contest were received till the deadline. The finalists were completed in July, 2014 and five professional and famous photographers were invited as judges to vote for the final prizewinners on August 13, 2014.

Brief introduction of judges:

Shaobai Li, member of China Photographers' Association Art Research Committee, winner of the first media award of China Photographers' Association

Shaojie Li, teacher of art and design college from Beijing Polytechnic University, director of Oversea Chinese Photographers Association of China, senior fellow of New York Photographers Association

Enguang Zhu, member of China Photographers Association, Kodak outstanding photographers, winner of China Photography Gold Prize

Kuanxin Liu, director of China Photographers Association, vice president of Beijing Photography Correspondence Institute of China Photographers Association

Ming Tan, famous landscape photographer, member of China Photographers Association, member of Worldwide Chinese Photographic Society, the photographers' association of Beijing

All the judges are authorities and Shaobai Li was elected as the director. The final prizewinners are qualified by priority voting. Based on the award rules and cautious selection and heated discussion by the 5 judges, 62 winning photos of network submissions (includes one Gold award, two silver awards, eight third prizes, one special award and fifty excellent awards) and 32 winning photos of college students submissions (includes one Gold award, two silver awards, eight third prizes, one special award and twenty excellent awards)are finally voted for.


Group photo of BENRO Present Mr Liu(the middle with red shirt) and the judges( Shaojie Liu, Kuanxin Liu, Enguang Zhu, Shaobai Li and Ming Tan)


The judges were voting for the prizewinners. For some works, the judges had heated discussions and decided the finalists by voting finally.


During the selection of prizewinners, Kuanxin Liu commended the submissions for the high quality and confessed that it’s a tough choice to reject anyone of pictures. He claimed that the BENRO CUP definitely promoted the development of photographic culture.





The judges had heated discussion on the shooting and post processing in terms of some photos and they also give their unique opinions for the moderation and balance to the relevance between photography and art. They thought many photos are not qualified as the prizewinners for the severely post process but they are still excellent in terms of art, because post process has becomes one new-born strength to promote the development of photography industry after all.



Signature of the judges



prize-winning photo selected from network submissions



prize-winning photo selected from college students submissions

As a leading and responsible photography accessories producer, BENRO not only designs and builds high quality products to meet the demanded needs of photographers worldwide, but also organize and hold photo contest and various activities to support and escalate the development of photographic culture. We sincerely hope more and more photography enthusiasts take part in the activities to exchange ideas and enjoy more works.

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