Glad to Buy an Outstanding Performance BENRO Ranger200 Camera Backpack


Rangers are usually those who are nimble and well trained to take on important responsibilities. As a photography enthusiast, though I am not as strong and nimble as those rangers, I still want to be capable of moving fast and take spectacular shots with my gear. Therefore, I want to buy a lightweight and portable camera bag to load and protect my gear so that I can move fast and take photos comfortable. Roaming about several photography stores and considering friends advice, I purchase a BENRO backpack Ranger200 in Ranger series online. The salesman was patient and helpful and the delivery was quick. Now I’ve got the bag and I’ll share my feeling with you. At the very first sight, I like its appearance very much. It seems masculine, large capacity and safe.


It was the first day I received it and it was still packed in a plastic bag. It was clean and without any damage.


The Ranger is made from Nylon 420T materials and it is announced that the materials is waterproof, lightweight and durable. In addition, it features larger upper compartment and thinner lower compartment to protect gear more effectively.


side-access pocket allowing to access your camera quickly

The side-pocket can store some tiny stuff, like the lens cap.

Anti-theft YKK zipper


Unzip the side-pocket and you can see the internal structure and design. The double memory card storage pockets make it easy and quick to change memory card.


The back pad is thick and confirms to ergonomic design, ensuring to offer enough airflow function to keep our back cool and comfortable even on a long journey.


The straps are thick, adjustable, cooperating with the waist belt and chest belt to keep the bag fitting to our builds perfectly. The stretchable chest belt reduces press and protects our chests from hurt caused by over-tightness or something else when shooting in the open air.


The right side-pocket is stretchable and can hold water bottle, umbrella or some other accessories. The belt above the pocket can help fix some longer stuff.


The hook-loop fastener front-cover pocket can hold stuff like napkin, earphone, etc. 
The front pocket can hold stuff like laptop, coats, paper files and so on. The loop attached to the YKK zipper can be locked together to prevent stuff being stolen.


Open the front storage and we can see a pocket with an orange nylon loop on the zipper.


Unzip the pocket and I find another internal pocket for stuff like notebook, certificates, keys, pen and so on. Each support gear has its place. It feels good.


The key strap can be removed at will.


I put my iPad into the storage and I noticed that the front flap is constructed form special compression technology to protect the laplop from being squeezed and damped. The structure isolates the iPad from too heat or too cold and is anti-shock.


Tripod pocket mark

Extend (take out) the tripod pocket and the included fasten belt to hold a tripod.


Connect the fasten belt with the side buckle and find out a proper length.


The pocket is in the middle of the bag. Therefore, the carrying is more comfortable without unbalance. At the same time, it is easy to remove the tripod.


The top handle is constructed from high density sponge which is wrapped with waterproof 420T Nylon materials, durable and comfortable. I checked it carefully and found that the straps and handle are all stitched to the bag body by double-stitched process. It is cast-iron and can bear more weight.


The bottom is constructed from durable, waterproof and easy-clean materials. The added durable and anti-shock rubberized pad protects gear from not only wetness but also shock damage. In addition, the bag stands more stable.


The Ranger can hold 2 DSLRs, 3-4 lenses, 1 flash and a 15-inch laptop. The included rainproof cover protects not only rain but also sands and dust, I think.


The U-shape design on the divider confirms to the shape of lens, providing lens, especially telephoto lens much safer storage compartment.


The pocket on the flap provides storages for battery, phone, filters and so on.


There is a loop, exactly, a belt on the top of the bag. We can attach the camera’s strap to the top belt to reduce neck’s pressure by heavy gear.


I think the BENRO Ranger200 camera bag is great by the first putting to test. The compartments are big and safe enough to hold cameras, lenses, tripod and some other photography accessories. If you need a big camera bag to store you gear safely, it’s a good choice.


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