BENRO’s Travelling to Bulgaria for Photographing Wolves in Extreme Cold Winter



  Going on an expedition can not only feed personal curiosity, challenge oneself, but also provide chance to enjoy the marvelous scenery of nature and know other people, maybe new friends. However, a successful and perfect expedition needs not only wisdom, persistence and cooperation but also high quality equipment. Recently, about the middle of February, an expedition of ten people in Bulgaria took a 5-day expedition to Rila Planina, the highest ridge in Balkan region to look for wolves and some other animals and take pictures of their nature situations. BENRO 2890T tripod and B2 ballhead are the photo accessories equipments they used specially.  

Rila Planina

Photography equipments

    Венцислав Петров, one member of the expedition, says:” The destination is far away from towns and countries, with heavy snow, strong wind and the highest latitude above 2000 meters. Unfortunately, it's winter, there isn’t that enough food for those wolves, so the journey is dangerous actually. Therefore, we searched a lot of information about the Rila Planina, prepared enough food, equipped high quality equipments to make the expedition secure. Besides warm coat, snow-shoes walk stick, sleeping bag, tent and so on basic things to against coldness and heavy snow, for photography, we took those equipments we had used frequently, such as the Pentax K-3 camera, BENRO C2980T tripod in versatile series, BENRO B2 ballhead in B series. What should be mentioned specially is the BENRO tripod and head, they provided stable support for our photography and ensure sharp images.”

BENRO C2980T tripod

 “The BENRO tripod we use this time is the C2980T which consists of carbon fiber legs and magnesium alloy main casting for stability, durability, lightweight and portability. It helps a lot. Firstly, taken as a whole, the leg can be folded back 180° for a compact, easy-to-carry system, carbon fiber leg and magnesium alloy casting are durable and sturdy, providing stable support, the B2 double action ballhead features separate pan and position control and separate drag adjustment control knob, increasing security of the gear. Secondly, some other designs are also good, for instance, the changeable screw-in rubber feet and screw-in stainless steel spiked feet are designed for use on variable surfaces, very useful in the snowy surface. Anti-rotation legs with rubberized twist locks offer fast set up and the foam grip provides comfortable and firm grip in the extreme cold winter. The legs can be locked into three different places for different angle shooting and the center column can be inverted for ground-level low-angle shooting. Those buttons are big enough to grip and adjust without affecting the precise when wearing gloves. The 3D bubble level helps to prevent uneven pans and head movements. In addition, the international standard mount thread size is compatible with other brands’ heads. The tripod and head meet all our needs for stability, portability and easy-operation, ensuring the high quality shooting.”

BENRO C2980T tripod + B2 ballhead +Pentax K-3 camera

Shooting with BENRO C2980T tripod + B2 ballhead +Pentax K-3 camera



B2 ballhead are constructed from magnesium alloy for stability. Accurate panoramas can be easily orchestrated using the 360° panning scale for accurate image alignment.  The separate pan and position control and separate drag adjustment control knob operate easily and safely. The double action locking system and upper rubber pads on the plate protect gear from falling down by miss operation. The international standard mount thread size is compatible with different brands’ cameras.


“The expedition went on very well for not only our good cooperation, but also the high quality equipments. BENRO products are reliable. This time, we choose the tripod in versatile series and we are going to buy another tripod in Travel Angel series, which features detachable leg to convert into a monopod or walk stick combining with a short center column and the head. It sounds good.” Another member said.

BENRO, the leader brand of photo accessories products in China and a rising brand in international market, has been devoted herself to the design and production of high quality photo products. Now, BENRO products is the best-selling brand in China and has distributors in more than 60 countries and regions from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

BENRO will go on striving to develop professional award -winning products to meet the needs of the most demanding professional photographers in the world and photographers all over the world have our appreciation for their supporting BENRO products.


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