Trying Out BENRO Smart200 DSLR Backpack




BENRO, the leader of photography accessories products in China and a reputable brand on international market, has always been striving to develop high quality products to meet or exceed the needs and demands of photographers worldwide with a rich product line, including tripods, monopods, camera bags, filters, etc. The Smart200 DSLR backpack is one of the BENRO newly launched camera bags in 2014.

The compact Smart200 has a 29x20x36.5cm exterior dimension, not so big as popular camera bags on the market now.

Faveolate side pockets can store water-bottle, facial tissue and so on, and the upper fixing strap is designed to fix lightweight tripod to avoid shaking during a walk.

The BENRO200 is made from high-quality 1000D waterproof fabrics. The D behind 1000 is the abbreviation of Denier, a unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon. The larger the number behind the “D” is, the heavier the silk is and the wider the diameter of the silk is, and the more excellent the fabrics perform in durability and watertightness. In practical testing, the BENRO200 did have good performance in waterproofing. In addition, the YKK zipper BENRO camera bags adopt is anti-water and can bear 100 thousand times repeated locking and releasing, extending the backpack’s service life and protecting gear safely. And the zipper lid not only protects gear from water but also prevents sands passivating zipper and entering bag.

The padded strap is not designed like a straight line, but a curve one, confirming to ergonomic requirements and allowing more comfortable carrying.

I like the design of the back of the backpack very much. The honeycomb fabrics is thick and soft hard moderate, and what’s more, is airflow, increasing comfort and reducing to sweat profusely when carrying the bag in hot weather.

Unzip the exterior compartment and some accessories like filters, batteries, memory cards and lens paper can be stored here sequentially.

Compact and small as the BENRO200 is, the loading capability surprised me. It accommodates all my gear by arranging the padded dividers properly and seems to have extra room for other gear, another lens exactly.

A DSLR, a 24-105mm lens, a 70-200mm lens, a zoom lens and a flash were put easily into the Smart200. Actually, the upper right compartment can store another lens. The lens was lent to my friend, so I can’t show it in above picture. And the interior pocket on the front flap can accommodate an iPad or some mini laptops. The loading capability did beyond my expectation.

At the very beginning, I did not think that it can hold a tripod firmly and securely, even a small or lightweight one. However, when I tried to put a tripod into the side pocket and test whether it have enough space to hold it firmly, I was surprised once more time. It can hold a tripod in Travel Angel II series and the bag can stand steadily. (above picture)

In actual carrying testing, the backpack fits my body’s curve perfectly. The padded and wide straps reduce the pressure on my shoulders and the adjustable chest strap help to fix the bag, avoiding one of the straps falling down from shoulder accidently. It carries comfortable.


The new BENRO Smart200 DSLR backpack is designed with a good balance between size and loading requirements, featuring compact and sleek design and satisfactory loading capability, not only waterproof but also secure for the use of 1000D waterproof fabrics and YKK zippers. It carries comfortable and has enough compartments to accommodate gear that meeting everyday shooting needs. It is an ideal camera bag for everyday use.

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