BENRO iTrip25 Tripod Kit Perfects My Visiting to Beijing



Taking photos has always accounted for many a proportion during travelling, for the reason of work, memory or something else. However, to get the perfect shot that we have envisioned long before is not an easy matter only relying on cameras. Various ground environments, weather conditions, for example, the uneven ground, the heavy-wind weather and reflections, always prevent us getting ideal images. I am a victim of all those torturous conditions. So such accessories as tripods, monopods, filters are necessary definitely if you want to make your shooting much easier, happier and more comfortable, I know now. Firstly, it's the tripod. Naturally, if we are having a travelling on the go, a tripod weighs a lot is not a wise choice. Yes, it should be portable, lightweight and stable, certainly, reasonable price. I’ve used and tried out several tripods from different manufacturers, like Manfrotto, SIRUI, BENRO, but only the iTrip25 tripod kit from BENRO is my favorite one. I’d like to share its information with you and wish it can help you.


I bought it online, advised by friends. The name”iTrip” is interesting and I was planning on a travelling to Beijing. Actually, the iTrip25 weighs 1.61kg with legs can be fold back 180°to 415mm only, confirming to the idea of “tripod designed for travelling”.



The head is constructed from precision-machined black magnesium alloy, durable and stable.

6 Rubber upper surfaces on the QR plate increases connection of camera and plate and reduces scratch of gear. The 3D bubble level allows for accurate horizontal camera positioning and alignment. White marks “”and ”Ф” in the middle of plate and clamp help to position camera safely and accurately.


Featuring dual- safety device, the head has stronger locking strength, ensuring the safety of gear. When fitting camera on, it demands to loosen the lock knob anti-clockwise at first, and then pull it out, finally rotate anti-clockwise again to take out the QR plate.


The included 2 safety stop screws at the rear bottom of the plate and the 2 stop slots on the clamp is good for adjusting the balance, cooperating with the dual-safety device to prevent accidentally falling out of loosened clamp.


With a 30mm ball diameter, the head supports up to 6kg, meeting the need of normal use. In addition, the integrated drag control and lock knob design simplifies the head, easy operation, occupies less space and good for carrying around.


Loosen the lock knob to adjust the level position of the head and shooting angle easily and quickly.


What should be mentioned specially is the one-piece drag control and lock knob design. The knob can be pulled out to avoid inconveniently rotating when meeting some special shooting angles.


For example, when the ball is at this position and the knob obstructed here need to rotate continuously to lock the position (the left picture above), we can pull the knob out a little bit to away from the clamp and rotate continuously to adjust and lock the head (the right picture). A smart design!


Center column

Besides the adjustable height, the groove design prevents the center column rotating freely when forgetting to lock, improving stability.  


The spring hook at the bottom of the center column allows for hanging additional weight to increase stability.




Legs of iTrip25 can be individually locked into place at three different angles to enable shoot in different ground situations. The shortest height is 415mm, convenient to shoot flower at low level.

Feeling very good when shooting flower at low level


It allows placing the center column upside down for ground-level low-angle shooting.

Anodized aluminum alloy legs and magnesium alloy main casting make the tripod durable, stable and charming.


I like the Snap locks the iTrip25 adopts for leg extension and adjustment. They are quick and easy to open and lock. The rubber feet increase friction with ground.



There are 5 leg sections to extend the tripod up to 1545mm(with the center column extended)and 1315mm(without the center-column extended).

By removing the center-column and ballhead and screwing it into the leg with blue ring, the tripod can convert into a monopod, good for taking marvelous images without seconds delayed when travelling.

One more thing about the head, the standard 3/8 head thread size is compatible with different types of tripods with standard screws.



Supporting capacity

BENRO iTrip25 can support up to 6kg. I tried to fit my 5D2 and 70-200mmf2.8L on it. Surprisingly, it was very stable.


The included Allen Key is very useful to loosen and tighten the screw.


Sample images


The above picture was shot when there were tourists around there and it was a little wind. The expanded screenshot is still very clear and sharp thanks to the rock solid support of iTrip25.

This one was about vehicle stream. It is known to us all that when taking vehicle stream photos, tripod is essential. I like the picture.

Thanks to BENRO iTrip25, my trip was very perfect. There is no doubt that BENRO iTrip25 is a travel-friendly tripod, designed for travel enthusiasts. The folding back 180° leg, conversion to a monopod, converted center-column, one-piece drag control and lock knob design and the included Allen Key make the small body but strong supporting capacity and rock solide stability tripod be an ideal choice for Mirrorless Cameras, Digital Camcorders, DSLRs.

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