Benro’s Newly Launched Videos about Benro Tripods





Recently, we launched a group of videos about Benro’s tripods. Those videos were totally made by an American team. It includes four parts, that’s the X-sports, the business portrait, the HD video production and the fluid tripod/monopod kits, which reflect the excellent performance of Benro’s products and the brand’s constant pursuit of “let’s go” to meet or exceed the needs and demands of professional photographers worldwide  .



 business portrait


HD video


Benro fluid tripod/monopod kits


There are a dozen of reasons encouraging people to explore the mysteries of images. Seemingly, the calculated risk-taking spirit is invisible. However, it does increase the feeling of going forward continuously. It is our aspiration that Benro’s brand spirit can inspire you and enhance your determination of going for perfection, making the pursuit of wonderful images eternal.

Benro’s tripods and heads have been widely acknowledged by photographers both in China and worldwide countries. The S2, S4 and S6 heads are Benro’s newly developed fluid products for birdwatching and supporting new DVs on the market now, compatible with telephoto lenses and digital telescopes, being an ideal choice for both professional photographers and amateurs.

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