Finding A Tiger In India Companied By Benro

By Tom Svensson


Where To Look

The worldwide tiger population has decreased 97% in the last 50 years.

Today, we only have about 3,200 left of all nine subspecies of Panthera Tigris – the tiger.

Once one could find tigers from Turkey in the West of Eurasia to Russia in the East.

However, today they can only be found in a few countries in Asia.

With this in mind, I decided to follow my friend Rajat Singh to India to get more information and see these wonderful animals.

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First Stop: Barrackpore

I traveled to Barrackpore in West Bengal, probably one of the best bird parks in the world and a place I strongly plan to visit again.

It is magical.

It was also here I spent a great deal of time (and much to my delight) taking photos of monkeys.

I love photographing them because they have so many expressions and do so many funny things.

I use the Benro Travel Angel II Tripod which is so very light and easy to bring with you when traveling.

Knowing that I can also make it in to a monopod is important, as I use that feature often during my wildlife photography.

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Next Stop: Ranthambhore National Park


After taking many photographs, I continued on my way to Ranthambhore National Park.

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Ranthambhore NP (RNP) is 400km2, but they are planning to increase it to 1500km2. For me, this is very good news. They report that there are now 52 tigers in RNP. The word Tiger comes from the word “tigri” that means arrow and means that Tigers are like arrows – fast and quiet.

RNP is very beautiful and has much prey in it for predatory animals such as tigers.


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My first tour of the park gave me access to photograph four leopards. They say that for every 100 tigers you see, you will see one leopard so I figured that I am now I entitled to see for 400 tigers! (grin)


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On the very next trip, I did encounter a tiger.


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I had extremely good luck to be accompanied by a very experienced ranger that had a fantastic feeling for where the tiger was going to be found. Lucky me!


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One day we spent two hours with T24, a massive male, and rumors say that he has killed three people.


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T24 was a massive and very impressive tiger.


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Following T24 and my guide around resulted in a lot of walking in a beautifully-lit forest, going into a cave and to swim, and more.


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What else can one ask for?


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What else can one ask for?


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When traveling around in a jeep, I tend to use a GH2 and monopod or the single leg from my Travel Angel II converted to monopod.

If you, like me, are impressed by tigers, I strongly suggest that you make a trip to India; it will be worth every minute.

Seeing a tiger in the wild is an amazing feeling.

I hope our children also will be able to see them in the future so let’s try to help keep the tigers alive and healthy.


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