Benro Launches LP Series L- Brackets for Cameras



  When taking pictures with low shutter speed or taking landscape photos, it is often the case that we use a tripod as a platform to make sure the camera still enough not to get shake and images be sharp and not blurred. And for the tripod, the quality of the QR plate or bracket on it plays an important role in the camera’s stabilization. A high-quality and substantial QR plate or bracket assures stable support and sharp images. Recently, Benro who has specialized in producing photography accessories for 19 years launched a new range of brackets for cameras, that’s the LP series L- brackets. The new L- bracket is much more stable, easier to operate and good for taking sharp photos.



   L- brackets in LP series are mainly designed for cameras of professional and pro-consumer levels, for instance, the LPC6D for Canon 6D, the LPC5D3 for Canon 5D3, the LPND600 for Nikon D600 and the LPND800 for Nikon 800D.




  The new launched L-bracket in LP series are made of anti-abrasion and high-density Aerometal material and are light-weight, anti-vibration and high-grade safety assured by the CNC precision machining and T6 heating processing, and completely compatible with Arca-Swiss QR style accessories. Taking photographers’ using habits into consideration, the L-bracket designs hidden hole for camera strap, central line for fixing camera, reserved hole for data cable. The included 2 L shaped Allen Keys are good for photographers to screw the camera on the bracket.







  The new L camera bracket is perfect for fluid heads, for the reason that it allows for not only images photographed in horizontal aspects but also pictures in upright format. And for ball heads, it allows taking vertical photos without the need to tilt the ball head and relevel the shoot, much more stable than rotating the ball head.



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